One Spark Jax 2015

We were happy to be here for this year’s One Spark event going on in downtown Jacksonville for the weekend. Though we were not back as creators this year, we did come for entertainment and the entertainment we brought with a new twist to our usual events ! Set up in the Burrito Gallery parking lot again this year, we brought out not one but two our of ramps and merged them together to make for one big session between both ramps ! We had the 5ft ramp and 4ft ramp connected with a slight waterfall flat bottom deck to transfer between ramps and left a gap running up both sides for skaters to air between ramps. This was out first time ever trying this ramp setup out, and needless to say it made for some sick skating !

Big thanks to Burrito Gallery, Autoline Preowned , Strata Clothing and The Block Skate Supply for coming out all weekend to support and throw down some cash and gear for the best trick and bangers for bucks contests we had going on Friday and Saturday ! We had skating start Thursday later in the afternoon, but due to inclimate weather we were not able to get much skateboarding in before calling it a night. Friday and Saturday, however, were nice sunny days and made for plenty of sick skating and entertainment for everyone !

Plenty of skaters came out through the weekend to get to skate this new double-ramp setup, from local rippers like Billy Fortier, Jamal Campbell, Gio Georgallis and Pat Brown to some central Florida heads like Dalton Dern, Steak, Poptart and Drew Fall. Needless to say we had plenty of talent up on the ramp all weekend and everyone made way with some cash and goodies through the contest ! We had George and Vinny up top with some big handfuls of cash to give out for bangers as well as the homie Manny aka Simple Natural up on the mic MC’ing the contest for us ! Ended up making out for two long days of skating and fun for everyone ! We’ll see you all out here next year !