Collegiate Skate Tour’s Mini Mania 2016

Collegiate Skate Tour’s Mini Mania 2016 from InstaRamp on Vimeo.

The Collegiate Skate Tour partnered with Free Ride Surf and Skate Shop in Gainseville FL to host Mini Mania, a 3 man jam format contest geared towards the college student rippers. The Collegiate Skate Tour guys hold contests all across America providing skateboarders who are too consumed with hitting the books a chance to take a break, enjoy some awesome skateboarding and a chance to win cash for dorm room snacks or whatever else a college kid could need. The set up was rad as we were posted right against the huge beach scene mural painted on the wall and the trick selections from these guys were insane. Huge thanks to Keegan and all the guys at Collegiate Skate Tour along with all of the sponsors and Free Ride Surf and Skate for making this event possible and having us out.